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Monday, January 15, 2007

Missing a party

The improved weather continued after the weekend and so Dibby and I were taken in the school this morning. Lil was working on the new dressage mirrors at the far end of the arena and so we kept mostly to the other end. It will be good to have mirrors in the arena when we are practising.

Again we did a lot of walk on a long rein and moved up to medium walk, trot and canter with some leg yield and shoulder in. We focussed on canter today working on the upwards transition and trying to keep the legs from slipping back too much and getting the heels down. This was quite tricky after the RWYM work in recent weeks.

We warmed down walking around together and were put out to graze in our rugs. We came in at 4.15 or so to have our hooves hosed and be dried and groomed. Tea had extra carrots and apples. It looks like the weather is going to get much worse again over the next few days and Dad is pleased that we are not going to Solihull in the lorry on Thursday but disappointed not to be able to compete. High sided vehicles like our lorry aren't much fun in a gale even on local journeys but cobs are always sad to miss a party.


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