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Friday, January 12, 2007

A family thing

Taking advantage of a break in the gales, we rode in the school this morning. We loosened up on a long rein and schooled in walk, trot and canter and then practised Prelim 17 and 1.

Other Dad watched and commented on our tests and then we watched Other Dad practice Prelim 1 on Dibby. Unfortunately Dibby seemed to have some discomfort in his off hind hock joint which caused Other Dad to curtail the test and walk around with me on a long rein instead. He wasn't lame and didn't seem to be in discomfort after the exertion of the test had stopped.

They will arrange for Rob the vet to come and have another look at Dibby next week to see what can be done to help.

We spent the afternoon out grazing and came in after 4.00. Both Dads brought Leo in with us. We were groomed and given tea. It was a shame today. Dad and I were really enjoying our practice which was going well but were so worried about Dibby. With our Dads and us cobs it's a family thing.


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