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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One of those days

After two days schooling in a row, we were put out early. Later at about 9.00 Dad had a telephone call from the yard that I was fighting with Dibbs and that Both Dads should come back and check him over. Both Dads came back to find us all grazing peacefully.

They both came into our field and looked Dibby over and found no cuts, scratches, bruises, heat or muddy bits. They also trotted him up and he was sound - or as sound as his arthritis permits nowadays ; so all was well. They stayed on to put up our beds and prepare haylage and water - and to keep an eye on us. There were no developments and they left by 11.00 or so.

They returned to bring us in at 4.00. They were able to get me out of the field first but were only able to retrieve Dibby - who was still in one piece - when Becky had taken in Cricket who was blockading the gate. It was one of those days - even cobs have them.


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