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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Intelligent interest

After several days rain, the morning again started wet but had cleared by about 10.30. Both Dads took Dibby and me into the school. We each warmed up alone on a long rein and then tried some medium walk, trot and a little canter.

At about this time Pauline started a lesson with Gail at the other end of the school on her mare Meg. As soon as she mounted Meg was naughty and bucked her off even though Gail had hold of her rein. They calmed her down and lunged her before Gail riding for a while and Pauline re-mounting, without incident.

In view of all this we worked quietly at the other end of the school doing some trot, leg yield and discreet canter together. Both Dibbs and I were obedient and didn't get too excited, so Both Dads were pleased.

We went out for the rest of the day, which was dry and sunny. We came in for grooming and tea at 3.30. We were glad to get some exercise today, particularly since yet more rain is forecast for tomorrow. Cobs take an intelligent interest in the weather forecast.


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