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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Herd dynamics

After his arrival last night, Leo was put out out to graze in our field with Cricket first thing. Dad rode me in the school until it started to rain heavily. We schooled in walk, trot and canter and whilst this was going on Other Dad put Dibby out to join Leo and Cricket. That went quite smoothly and I joined the group after schooling.

We grazed for a while and then I started playing with Leo. When Jack started running around the next paddock to wind up Pheonix, who was being brought in, we all charged around and tore up the field getting covered in mud. Dibby joined in cantering around and putting in some very impressive bucks for a senior cob who has just had his hocks injected. We eventually quietened down.

By the time Both Dads returned to bring us in, Cricket and Leo had already been taken in. Dibby and I were quite muddy with all that racing around and our legs had to be hosed off and dried with towels. Space was at a premium between the stables with so many horses being groomed but we managed. It was fun playing around in the field today. Dad's books rattle on about re-establishing heirarchy and herd dynamics, but we were just larking around and being horses - even we cobs.


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