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Friday, January 05, 2007


The rain abated for long enough for Dibby and I to be taken into the school this morning. We worked in walk, trot and canter with some lateral and pole work. After schooling separately, we walked and trotted around the arena together. The one marginally in front was happy and put his ears forward; the one behind had his ears back and tried to overtake. Even senior cobs play this game. We also practised Prelim 1 a few times. Dad was pleased that I managed most of the canter transitions on the correct leg. We still need to work on roundness.

Dad noticed my bit was rubbing on one side of my mouth and applied some aloe vera gel. He will swap the bridle for my Elevator and substitute a fulmer snaffle with a revolving lozenge when we next school. Hopefully, this should be more comfortable.

We spent the afternoon grazing and came in for grooming and tea at 4.00 or so. Both Dads were tired and relieved to get us fed and settled and to go home. Cobs are virtually a full-time job at this time of year.


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