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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mid-winter clips

Claire came today for our mid-winter clip. I was trimmed first. I was very well behaved other that when it came to my face when I tried to lick the clippers. Dad said this was not a good plan.

Afterwards I was brushed and sponged down and put out to graze. Then it was Dibby's turn. He behaved well as you would expect of a senior cob and joined me after he had been brushed and sponged down.

The sky was bright blue but it was very cold. Both Dads brought us in after 4.00. Dibby had a small overrreach, so it looked as though we had been running around. They hosed our hooves, groomed us and bathed Dibb's overreach in warm salt water before giving us tea.

Everyone says we are putting on too much weight and so we were given a little less haylage.This is one of the few things that depresses cobs.


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