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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not our sort of day

Both Dads were due at meeting in Solihull this morning, so they came very early and attended to our stables, haylage and water. We went out to graze with Cricket, Leo and the Shetlands at 9.00. The rain poured all morning and we were brought in at 1.00.

Both Dads arrived back at 1.00, after I had been brought in. Dibby didn't want to be caught until he saw Both Dads were there and then came in quietly. Becky said it was because he didn't like a change in his routine. He does prefer to be brought in by either Dad. Our wet rugs were changed and we spent the afternon with our haylage.

Dad came back at 4.30 and groomed us both; we were unusually muddy. He skipped out our stables and topped up haylage and water. Then it was time for tea. It had been muddy and messy; not at all a cob's sort of day


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