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Monday, February 05, 2007


Both Dads were away in London overnight on Sunday, so Dibby and I were on full livery for two days. We spent today out grazing and Dad arrived back to see us at 4.15 or so. At that point Cricket was being brought in and I was standing by the gate -helpfully- to have my head collar put on and be bruoght in.

Di went out to bring in Dibby but he decided to play a game and ran off bucking once he had eaten her mint. At this point Swapsie - Simone's Jack Russell - decided to join in and chase Dibby around the field. Dad decided to help out then and Dibby walked over for a mintie and let him put his head collar on and bring him in. No overreaches or other harm done other than being rather anxious and wound up.

Dad asked how it had gone on the previous evening, It seems it took twenty minutes or so and several tries to get him in.

Dad gave us some minties and our tea and Other Dad came down later in the evening to check on Dibby. Dad says he will have a quiet word with Dibby. He is far too senior a cob to be such a rebel.


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