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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Looking forward

After yesterday's rest, we had some exercise this morning. Other Dad took Dibby on a hack whilst Dad took me in the school. It wasn't quite cold enough for my newmarket and was dry.

Whilst we were schooling Denise was giving some RWYM lessons at the other end of the school to Tesco, Kamara and then Izzy. Later she taught Harvey and little Bailey.

We worked in walk, trot and canter with lots of leg-yield, shoulder-in and softening exercies. Dad deliberately didn't carry a crop and I was much more relaxed. We worked on posture, breathing and shapes and lots of transitions and a few poles and did quite a lot of sitting trot. When we came in after an hour Dad was pleased with the session. Dad did some touch work and massage -particularly on my right side and grooming.

We grazed for the afternoon and came in at 4.00 for more grooming and tea. Dad asked Debbie if Katie, who schools Tesco occasionally, might also have time to school me and Debbie said she would inquire. That should be fun and a nice change. Cobs like a something to which to look forward.


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