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Friday, February 02, 2007

A cob's perspective

A dull and gloomy start to the day. Richard the farrier came at 10.00. He dealt with me first and then Dibby. We were both well behaved whilst we were shod and had a net of haylage. We each went out to graze as our shoeing was finished and had a pleasant afternoon out in the sunshine.

We came in at 4.15 and Dad saddled me up and took me in the school for forty five minutes. It was dry and mild and still quite sunny. We were schooling at the same time as Tesco and then Leah and Meg. We warmed up as usual in walk and moved up to trot and some lateral work and then canter. We practised Prelim 1 and then moved into the larger part of the arena to work on shapes, transitions and some canter. Other Dad came and took some snaps and we came in before it grew dark. Dad was pleased that I was moving forward quite actively.

After grooming I was put in my stable rug and it was time for minties and then tea with extra apples and carrots. From a cob's perspective, that was quite a busy day.


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