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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lessons for Dibby and me

Both Dibby and I had lessons booked with Liz today. It was very much colder and more windy this morning with the odd shower of hail - all very exciting for a lesson.

It was my turn first and we warmed up in walk and trot with some shoulder-in and concentrated on going forward and getting my legs under me. We then moved on to loosening my neck and jaw. I was quite resistant but Dad persevered with some flexions and leg yielding into and out of a smallish circle. I eventually softened and we made rather a break through. We did some good quality sitting trot with me on the bit.

We finished with some canter and canter trot transitions on both reins and have plenty to practice before our next lesson. We will be concentrating particularly on going forward into the hand and then using leg yeild on a circle and rapid but not pronounced flexions to soften my jaw. Dad had to remember to give his hand as soon as I do and to maintain contact on his outside rein so that my bit doesn't slip through my mouth too much on flexions. We warmed down on a long rein and came in. Dad put me in my stable when he went out to take snaps of Dibby's lesson.

Dibby went through his paces in walk, trot and canter on both reins so that Liz could give an opinion on his way-of-going just now. He was very smooth and regular and only struggled on smaller cirlcles and if he went on the forehand too much. Other Dad has to concentrate on slowing the trot and using half-halts to balance Dibby. He shouldn't try medium or extended trot or put too much strain on his hocks with smaller circles

Both Dads were pleased with our sessions and put us out to graze at noon. The rain and snow held off until just after we came in at 3.30. We were both glad to be inside for our tea when the rain and hail began. Wind and hail during a lesson is one of a cob's least favourite things


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