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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dental visit

After the decision of our dentist Mike to go to Australia, we had our first visit this morning from Mark. He saw Cricket first and then Dibby and me. Afterwards he treated Edward and then Tesco and Little Bailey, who had to be sedated by the vet.

Dibby's treatment went well until Mark found a large pocket/cavity between part of the gum and teeth in which material has been building up with a risk of infection. He arranged to come back on April 13th and will have the tools to clear the gap and clean it before filling it with a gel substance to keep it free from accumulations. Dibby will have to be sedated for this and Dad will arrange the vet.

My treatment went well as usual and Dad stood and held my head collar and talked to me. We were put out to graze in the sunshine at 11.25. We are normally given the day off after dental treatment. Dad attended to the stables. Unusually Dibby had knocked over his water bucket and soaked half the stable, so Dad put his bed up to dry out.

We came in at 3.25 for grooming and tea. Dad was pleased with our quiet behaviour when having our teeth rasped. He says cobs are braver than most humans.


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