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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Another dry spring-like morning. Other Dad put us out in our rain sheets at 9.15. We had a lazy graze in the field with Cricket and the Shetlands -William and Scooby.

We came in at 1.15 and were groomed and tacked up. Dibby went for a hack with Harvey, Tesco and Millie.

Dad took me in the school for over an hour. We worked on walk, trot and canter, softening, shoulder in and leg yield and walk-halt transitions. I was resistant at first but eventually relaxed my neck and then my jaw. We continued to practice in front of the new mirrors and I kept slowing down to look at myself. We also walked and trotted over some poles.

At the end of the session Dibby joined me on his return from his hack and we walked around the school a few times together on a long rein before coming in for grooming and tea. A busy day - just how cobs prefer it.


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