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Saturday, March 24, 2007


A cold and grey day. We spent Saturday morning in our stables with some haylage and were tacked up at about 11.30. Dibby went on a longish hack and I went in the school.

To begin Caroline was schooling Leo over a large jump and cantering around. We went to the other end of the arena and Dad was pleased that I just got on with it - like you need to do in the collecting ring.

We warmed up in front of the mirror in walk and trot with transitions and lateral work. We cantered and Dad practiced speeding up the softening process to relax my neck and jaw. He was pleased that we got there much quicker this morning and gave me some mints and lots of praise.I behaved well even though some of the horses in the surrounding fields were letting off team and bucking in the wind.

We came in after an hour and Dad gave me a thorough massage and a groom. When Dibby returned, we went out to graze later than usual at 1.40.

Dad was delayed a little but came back to put down our beds and bring us in on time by 5.40. He put me in my headcollar first and took me out of the gate. As I made a bee-line for the nearest grass to grab a mouthful Dibby - unusually naughty for him - slipped out of the field to get some grass too. Fortunately he didn't get far and Dad handed me to someone else whilst he recaptured Dibby and put on his head collar. It was that kind of cold and blustery late winter day that seems to make horses mischievious - even a senior cob, like Dibby.

Once inside Dad took off our new zealands, dealt with our hooves and groomed us. He was relieved to get us safely inside our stables for haylage and our tea. It doesn't do to take cobs good behaviour for granted - especially on a blustery day.


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