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Monday, April 30, 2007


Other Dad came and put us out to graze early. It was dry and sunny and we were in our fly masks. Dibby wore his muzzle. By the time Dad came to deal with our stables, I had dispensed with my fly mask. Dad found itnext to the fence and I stood still while he put it back on. It stayed on for the rest of our turn-out.

We came in at 4.30 and were groomed and tacked up for a group lesson with Liz at 5.30. Our group consisted of Tod, Kamara, Meg, Dibby and me. The other lesson followed at 6.30.

We worked on softening in walk and sitting and rising trot with lots of leg-yield and turns about the forehand. We worked on getting our legs under us, correct use of rider's legs and position of the body and hands. Dad was pleased that I walked and trotted on the bit for a good while. He was less pleased that I got a little excited when I was following Dibby and tried to catch up rather too strongly; we shall have to work on that.

We also split into two groups of two and three and cantered on both reins. Dad was very satisfied since it was about the most controlled canter I had done with or without company.

We came in to be sponged down, groomed and given tea. I like group lessons; cobs are very sociable.


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