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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Other Dad put us out to graze early in our light rain sheets, since Dad had a dental apointment. As anticipated, Dibby was put in his new muzzle which had kindly been neatly lined by Auntie Shirley with very fetching faux fur in black and white tiger stripes. It was very smart and after all that effort, it is hoped it will not rub.

Dad came to attend to our stables in the afternoon and we came in after 4.00. We were groomed and tacked up to go in the school. After a day's grazing Both Dads didn't want to exert us too much and we worked together in walk and trot going large with some leg-yield and shoulder-in. Dad was very pleased that I was relaxed in my neck and jaw and on the bit for most of the time. We need to work on getting my head more on the vertical. We stopped when the jumping was about to start again and came in for grooming and tea.

It was an interesting change in routine to school in the early evening. Cobs dislike a rut.


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