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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Unskilled saboteur

Dad took me in the school at about 11.00 after putting Dibby out to graze inhis muzzle. Other Dad was mowing the lawns.

The morning was pleasantly sunny with a coolish breeze. We worked in walk and trot with a lot of loosening and softening exercises, including leg-yield, shoulder-in and a little turn about the forehand. We also cantered on both reins.

Fences were laid out in the school again and we used them to manoeuvre around, especially in figures of eight. Bt the end of the session I was on the bit for most of the time and we finished off on a long rein.

I spent the afternoon out with Dibby and Cricket and came in at 4.30. Other Dad had been to collect the Elevator bridle I damaged several weeks ago and which had been repaired, so I can be ridden in that next time. Dad will try to ensure I don't try to sabotage it next time. Fortunately, cobs aren't very skilled saboteurs.


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