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Friday, April 20, 2007

Never easy

Dad took me in the school at about 11.00 whilst Dibby went for a hack. It was warm and sunny and we worked in walk and trot. We rode to music from a tape Dad had prepared. My work in trot was quite rhythmical and forward-going but it took me a long time to relax and soften my neck and jaw. Even then I wasn't truly consistent and that's what we will have to work on.

We came in after forty minutes and went out for a pleasant afternoon in the field in the sunshine. We wore our fly masks and kept them on.

We came in at 4.30 for grooming and tea. Other Dad came down after 8.00 to put on our stable rugs and skip us out.

Dad has been persevering with schooling just in my snaffle for several months now and is getting a little downhearted with lack of any consistent progress towards regularity and roundness. It will be interesting to see if he breaks it up with use of the double bridle occasionally. Cobs don't believe in making the journey easy.


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