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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


After two energetic lessons on consecutive days, Dad decided I should have the day off. Dibby and I were put out at 11.00 and enjoyed sunshine and grass in the field with a cooling breeze.

By the time Dad arrived, I had dispensed with my fly mask and he had to search for it along the fence line and put it back on. He attended to our stables and went home. When he came back I was still wearing my mask, but standing by the field gate. The field had been rolled during the afternoon and I was a bit agitated, although Dibby just carried on grazing.

When we got inside I stretched over my stable door to show I wanted some water. Dad undid my rope and I stretched down and had a good long drink. Dad thinks I haven't been drinking in the field since they put the mares in and our water buckets are now next to the new electric tape. I never did like electric tape; it makes a funny buzzing noise.

After my drink I had some haylage and tea and calmed down for the evening. Just because we're cobs, doesn't mean we're not sensitive.


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