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Monday, June 29, 2009

Flies time

An eventful night out in the field - whilst Dibby and I were in our stables oblivious to what was going on. Some might say this is the normal state for cobs - and indeed our Dads - usually the last to know...but I guess that's beside the point.

Baby Cob started off sharing with Cricket. All went well and quietly until Cricket got upset with his little visitor.
To avoid further mayhem, it was decided to bring him in and substitute Edward in the field with Baby Cob overnight. Next morning, Baby Cob came into Cricket's stable, when Cricket was put out to graze.

Dad came and rode me this morning. I wore a blue fly fringe in the school and Dibbs a natty red one. Fashion note: we may be portly but, with our colouring, we can carry off a bright fringe.
While we practised in the school - as usual - Other Dad walked Dibby down the lane and back.

By 9 'o clock it was already hot and the horse flies came out. Dad spent half his time squashing them on me - so it made concentration difficult.

The surface was dry and deep and we worked in walk and trot looking for roundness, smooth transitions and square halts. We did a little rein back but didn't canter today. We came in after forty minutes and had a good hose down with Dibbs.
Dad was pleased that I worked quite well despite the blood-sucking distractions. He was also pleased that I ignored the other horses being put out when we were working.

We went out to graze in our fly rugs with masks on - very Darth Vader-casual. Dibby's head collar was left on to try and keep his mask in place.
A man came on a quad bike thing to spray the weeds in the field, but it wasn't very exciting and we ignored him.

Dad brought us in at 3 'o clock and wasn't too pleased that we had both disposed of our fly masks at different ends of the field which he had to spend some time looking for.

He hosed us down in the washbox for some time, but found it quite difficult to lower my temperature today.

Dad says I seem to absorb heat very efficiently - especially in 30 degrees C. - due to my being black.
He said it reminded him of a line by Ali G for some reason, but I didn't understand. Like most cobs I'm not overly familiar with the work of any post modern comedians and haven't even seen "Borat" - or any other films now you come to mention it.


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