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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drawing the line

Clipped and in our fly rugs, we went out to graze this morning. As with much of July, we saw a mixture of sunshine, wind and showers of rain. We cheered ourselves up with some mutual grooming up in the corner.

We came in at about four. Dad took me in the school for forty minutes. We shared with Honey and Kai for a while. We continued to work as last time, but I was troubled by flies and it affected my concentration. We worked on straightness and inside bend large in walk and trot. We practised transitions, sitting trot and rein back and went up into canter reasonably consistently on the correct leg.

I was relieved to come in and have a long cool hose down before tea. Cobs are amiable and believe in live and let live, but draw the line at horse flies.


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