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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Il pleut...some more

Yet another wet morning. Hope it has nothing to do with that rainy St Swithin's Day last week or we have forty or so more damp days to endure. Out to graze by ten or so. Not cold, so rug-free and just a dab or two of Channel # 5 fly spray. A perfunctory mutual groom and then heads down for the grass.

We came in at four and stood whilst our stables and teas were readied.

Since the rain had abated, Dad took me into the school. The surface had benefited from all that rain and was much firmer. We practised walk, trot and canter with lots of transitions rein-back and leg-yield. We shared the school with Molly and then Sport, who was having a lesson and I concentrated well and wasn't distracted.

Dad was pleased that my walk had more purpose and energy and that I softened reasonably well.

My canter transitions went off on the correct leg and I bent to the inside quite well. Dad tried hard to sit into the canter as he had been told in our last lesson.

We warmed down on a long rein in both directions and again Dad was pleased that I walked into it energetically. We came in after forty minutes in time for minties and tea. Cobs like giving a pleasant surprise occasionally.


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