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Monday, July 27, 2009

Waxing lyrical

No more carpentry for Dad this morning. We just went out to graze as the pattern of mugginess and heavy showers continued. Cricket is still exiled away from us due to Muzzlegate and Dibby and I are on our own. At least we have each other and can talk to the Shetlands over the fence.

Showers continued on and off during the afternoon and we came in at 4.30. It was brighter now and Dad tacked me up and took me into the school whilst Other Dad hacked Dibby down the lane and back.

We had the arena to ourselves and the surface was reasonably firm after the showers.

We warmed up on a long rein and then worked on flexions and softening on a thirty metre circle for a change with transitions to halt-walk and rein-back and trot sitting and rising on both reins.

We went up to canter both ways on the correct leg most times and Dad tried to improve my inside bend and get me more between leg and hand and to sit up in canter to stay as deep in the saddle as possible.

Quite a few horses and people were coming and going but I concentrated so Dad was pleased.

We finished just as Dibby returned and so we went in to be sponged down and given tea. After a muggy morning and wet afternoon, the evening ended pleasant with a cool breeze. Cobs can wax lyrical sometimes.


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