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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Quiet sunny Saturday

As forecast this morning was dry and sunny. Both Dads came at nine and put us out to enjoy the sunshine.
There were lots of horse flies about and we had to wear our fly rugs. Fortunately, being black I can carry off the pale blue.

When we went in the field, I wandered off as usual to graze. Dibby, of course, wanted extra carrots and fuss and to be photographed with Other Dad.

Our field has been topped again and looks smart. It's important to make the most of it before the winter. Shame Cricket isn't with us to share it, but he has taught Bailey next door to remove his muzzle and he's in a paddock on his own for the moment.

We came in at five for grooming and tea. A quiet day and a quiet mind: not to be sneezed at for a cob or anyone really


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