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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Attempted time-off

Both Dads had arranged to visit friends in Wixford in the early afternoon. They put us out at nine or so and prepared our stables, put down our beds, put up our soaked hay and prepared our teas and breakfast in readiness.Out in our fly rugs, all we had to do was be good and graze until they came back at four.
Instead, we grew upset with the flies and at about one 'o clock something set us off. We started running around rather fast and became very hot and bothered in the sunshine. In truth, being a creative soul, I started and Dibby joined in. As a result, we were brought in, hosed off and put in our stables to wait for Both Dads.
When they appeared at four as planned, we allowed them to skip us out, put up fresh hay nets, top up our water and serve our tea. That might teach them to try to take a couple of hours off. There's no hours directive or union for cob owners.


Blogger barefoot prodigy said...

What disgraceful behaviour! How dare they leave you and try to enjoy themselves?! When Mum is late, I make sure to show my displeasure at doing my best stroppy madam face and shouting at her that I've been starved in her absence. Make them feel nice and guilty :nod:

Polos and flymasks,

Flow x

11:22 PM  
Blogger Deryck Solomon said...

Quite right, Flow. I've a good mind to continue to pretend I can't do piaffe too. That will teach him.

Minties and crispy canterings

David x

11:30 PM  

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