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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Gone with the Drizzle.

Out to graze by nine on a sunny morning. By early afternoon it was becoming oppressive and the masses flies around our eyes were very irritating. When we saw Dad, Dibby and I came to the gate hoping to be brought in. Dad took the hint and took us in really early at two, to calm down and be dressed in fly rugs and masks before going out again.

As we stood outside our stables, the heavens opened and Dad decided to take off the fly rugs he had just dressed us up in, put down our beds and let us relax inside with a haynet. He wanted to ride later and didn't think two extra hours of eating grass after the rain would help much. We thought he was probably right.

Both Dads came back at five. They wanted to ride, but it was still raining quite heavily, so they skipped us out, topped up our hay and served our tea. They will try again on Friday. Dad muttered something about Scarlet O'Hara and Tomorrow is another day. I've never heard of her: is she a cob?


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