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Friday, August 07, 2009

Significant minties

Out early on a bright morning for a quiet day's grazing. Dibby jettisoned his fly mask in record time but I kept mine on. We came in at three to stand and be tacked up and go in the school at four.
When we began, Gem was having a lesson in the marked-out arena. By the time she had finished we were warmed up and ran through the BD Intro A test amongst the markers. Again I wasn't round enough and was also troubled by flies, including some hungry horse flies. Dad broke off periodically to swat them and, as usual, it affected my concentration.

When Rosa came in for her lesson, we moved out of the 60 by 40 arena and practiced softening exercises, leg-yield and transitions sharing the rest of the arena with Mary Rose who was also having a lesson.

After much persevering I softened considerably and was then joined by Dibby who was back from his hack down the lane. We walked around together to stretch which was pleasant and then went in for a cool hose down and tea. I finished with minties, the usual signifier for cobs of a satisfactory day.


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