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Sunday, August 02, 2009

School mates

A dry Sunday out in the field -more like August should be.

We came in at 4.30. Dibby hacked down the lane and I went in the school. The top part of the arena was occupied by Edward having a lesson and Red was being lunged next to me so we tended to work on an oblong or a fifteen metre circle and held off from canter.

We worked on walk and trot with all our loosening exercises especially quarter turns on the forehand on corners, rein back, transitions to halt,walk and trot, leg yield and shoulder in/fore down the long side. I eventually softened when I started to ignore the other horses and concentrate.

Then Dibby returned from his hack and joined me. We walked and trotted around for ten minutes or so - which was fun. Then we went in to be hosed down, groomed and have tea. Cobs prefer company in the school


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