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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Accentuating positives

Another dry but windy day out in the field. Dad took me into the school after five. Florian was being lunged at the other end of the arena, but I concentrated on what I was doing, which pleased Dad very much.

We worked throughout on softening and rounding and treated the session like the warm up before a test with stretching leading on to flexions, transitions and lateral work and getting on the bit gently.

Dad tried to maintain the correct position in walk and trot, to apply his leg instead of keeping it on too long and to make the rein aids much less pronounced. He was happy with my response and that I went on the bit more quickly. We still have to work hard on keeping my nose in and head on the vertical, since it pops out to 45 degrees at every opportunity. Still, it was a constructive session and we came in for grooming and tea after forty minutes or so.

Both Dads then went to collect the lorry after its protracted plating. Anyway, our schooling was positive, which cobs always like to accentuate.


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