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Saturday, November 07, 2009


Yesterday had seen the disappointing cancellation of the clinic an hour before our lesson. Dad came to the yard in any event and took me in the school. Other Dad and Auntie Sharon took some excellent snaps of our session, which was fun. We worked in walk, trot and canter for forty minutes or so. I enjoyed the attention and then I went out to graze.

When we came in after four Both Dads were concerned that Dibby's rashes on his side had worsened considerably and were very warm and sensitive. Dad spoke to the vets on the telephone and agreed to ring again first thing in the morning to arrange a call-out if needed.

Dad spoke to our vet in the morning who agreed it was necessary to see Dibby today rather than await the appointment which had already been made for him to come out for our annual vaccinations and to check on Dibby's arthritis on Monday afternoon. After examining Dibby, he diagnosed an allergic rash and administered a steroid injection and prescribed steroid tablets, shampoo and ointment. Dibbs doesn't like needles and was very brave with the help of several minties. Our vet will review his case again on Wednesday.

Since the treatment clashed with the vaccination, it was re-arranged for us both for later next week.

Once the vet had completed his visit, Dad shampooed the relevant area thoroughly, applied the ointment and put Dibby in his stable for the day.

I then came in. I had waited by the gate of our field since Dad took Dibby in. I was a little vexed and instead of walking down the slope outside the field to avoid a parked car, I decided to jump over it (the slope, not the car), which was quite a surprise for the Max and Cricket walking in in front of me and for Dad. I also shied when someone walked behind me, but didn't rush off. When we got inside - to Dad's relief - I was pleased to see Dibby and stood patiently until we were groomed and it was time for an early tea. Cobs are normally quite staid but do get nervous when they're worried - like I was about Dibby today.


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