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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

User friendly

Monday and Tuesday were much colder than the weekend with low overnight temperatures and some early frost and fog.

Richard the farrier came on Monday morning and shod Dibby and me. We went out to graze at lunchtime for the afternoon.

It was also colder on Tuesday and we had another day off grazing in our New Zealands.

Today Dad took me in the school at about 4.00. It was already getting dark then and I was rather tense as other horses were brought past in the shadows. Rosa was being schooled around the edge of the arena so I had some company in there.

We worked in walk and trot with Dad trying to sustain my inside bend from use of the leg more than the hand. He also concentrated on keeping me soft and relaxed and was pleased with our session.

Then we came in for minties and tea. I'm not being over-faced with schooling just now what with the weather and seasonal 'flu and such. Still, cobs are pleased to be user friendly.


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