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Sunday, November 08, 2009


Dibby's rashes were slightly less angry this morning and Dad applied the new ointment first thing. It was pouring with rain early on and we were kept in our stables with a hay net until it had abated and then went out to graze.

Dad spent a couple of hours in the drizzle trying to tape and fence off the remainder of the rear wooden fence line in our field - hoping to stop Dibby rubbing his flanks on it and aggravating his wounds. This was an interesting exercise since no new plastic fencing posts were available and he stretched the existing ones as best he could along the whole fence line and tied together assorted lengths of tape. This was a delicate task - especially with inquisitive visits from Dibby, Cricket and me and when we joined Max and Bailey in having a canter around to warm ourselves up.

This was eventually done and Dad will try to attend to the other exposed fence line when materials are available.

We came in after four. The eruptions on Dibby's side were pronounced again and Dad applied more ointment. He also emptied and crushed up four boxes of steroids each containing 28 tablets to go in Dibby's tea with inter alia his Danilon, Codlivine, joint supplement, garlic, linseed oil and di-calcium: yum. Nowadays, cobs tend to have a thorough working knowledge of pharmaceuticals.


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