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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fran schooling on St. Valentine's Day

So..not having been ridden since 13th December last year, the day came to try again.
In the interim I had received treatments from Halena, had both my saddles re-flocked and adjusted, had a reiki consultation with Sara and a check-up from the vet with blood and urine tests.
Dad had massaged me as often as possible and started my TENs sessions again.
Fortunately this Sunday it was dry and bright. It was cold and I was pleased to wear my Newmarket. It was also helpful that we had the school to ourselves and for once this winter it wasn't frozen hard.
Fran began the session by riding me . We started with some walk.
The walk went well and I didn't hump my back. I was very forward going though and what Dad calls "Bright".
After lots of walk on both reins with flexions and softening we went up into trot.
Trot went well too. I eventually softened and loosened up and Dad took some smart snaps. Then Fran asked if Dad wanted to ride.


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