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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lesson from Fran on St.Valentine's day

Dad rode me immediately after Fran. It felt funny for us both to be riding after so long.
We walked for quite a while as Dad got the feel of being in the saddle again.
We eventually both relaxed and Dad started to use his inside leg better and get me rounder.
We worked on both reins and added halt transitions.
Feeling a little tentative Dad had to work on sitting up more and getting his heel down but this came by the end of the session.
We then trotted on both reins both sitting and rising.
By the end of the lesson we were both more relaxed and I was better connected.
Both Dad andI enjoyed the session. I told Sara I missed working and she told Dad
Afterwards I came in for grooming and minties and the rest of the day out in the field. Cobs prefer to work: its what we do.


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