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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Schooling alone

Rain and school levelling intervened on the couple of occasions we tried to ride on Monday and Tuesday, but we got organised for Wednesday evening.
Again, we timed it right and had the school to ourselves, although there was lots going on around with some horses walking around the building or being brought in as normal at that time of day.
It was cold again and I wore my Newmarket. Although there was lots to look at, I concentrated, which pleased Dad.
Dad took a deep breath and mounted. He felt me arch my back and pause but put his inside leg on and told me to walk on and I did.
For the first ten minutes or so I arched my back and paused several times until Dad put his leg on and I walked on.
We kept walking with Dad talking to me all the time until we both relaxed. We changed rein and added halt-walk transitions.
We moved on to trot on both reins rising and sitting and finished with a stretch.
Generally, Dad could feel I still had some issues - compounded by the wretched cold -but worked through them when encouraged by the inside leg and talk from Dad. He hoped we can build on this - weather permitting. I was pleased that Dad was pleased. Cobs are like that.


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