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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Because you're worth it...

This seems to be the 700th. posting on "Cobmalian"...HOORAH for Dibby and me!

To business...

Halena the physiotherapist came shortly after nine and checked me over. She noted my various current ailments and was pleased to find that the soreness across the sacrum and down into my legs was much improved. Dad arranged to let her know how the treatment of my infection and abscess progressed and to book our next check-up.

Dad was relieved that my pelvis, back and hind quarters were in better order. He then re-poulticed, bandaged and taped my hoof before fitting a new poultice boot. Tailored Megazorb sacks trimmed with shiny duck tape are all the rage this abscess season. He then put me out to graze before the scheduled visit from Kate the vet in mid-afternoon.

Kate, the vet came at three. I was given a little sedation and cleaned up before stallion broth was applied internally with wipes and a syringe. Kate said I was very well-behaved and polite. Dad was pleased. He was shown how to apply it for the next two days. So, with this and iodine compresses and a fresh DIY poultice boot each day, he will be busy. With our stables, feeds and grooming too, Dibby and I seem to be a full time job just now. The advert must have been talking about senior cobs when it said...because you're worth it.


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