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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Who knows?

Dad re-poulticed my hind offside hoof again this morning and made a new DIY poultice boot for the field. I walked out very carefully and slowly, just like yesterday, but when I reached the field the rustling of the plastic seemed to spook Dibby and he cantered around. This set me off cantering for a few strides which surprised Dad and didn't please him. Fortunately my dressing stayed in place and remained clean. For the most part I then grazed quietly.

Dad had rearranged several things for today to accommodate the next stage of my treatment from the vets. On ringing in the afternoon it emerged the delivery had not arrived from the lab and so frustratingly it couldn't go ahead today. Various plans for tomorrow were then also altered in the hope that the treatment will go ahead.

When we came in after three, Dad was pleased that my poultice was still in place and not too dirty, so the protection had worked. With these infections and abscesses, riding still seems a mile off. Dad has arranged for Halena to examine me tomorrow and hopes I will not have a hat trick of ailments. The way things have been going who knows - least of all a cob?


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