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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warm new leg wraps

One of the things I told Sara when we had our reiki session a few weeks ago was that I wanted a salt lick - a pure one. Sara told Dad. So Other Dad bought me a Himalayan salt crystal lick which was tied up in my stable next to the window to Dibby. I ignored it at first but then had a good lick and use it when I feel the need. I wonder if they have cobs in the Himalayas?

I also told Sara my legs were cold at night and asked for some warm wraps. Other Dad ordered me some Thermotex wraps which keep my legs like toast.

It looks like we shall need them for some time yet. It has snowed on and off since we rode in the middle of the week and we haven't been back in the school yet. We have gone out in the field in the morning but are pleased to come in to our hay nets in the afternoon.

Dad says this winter is a bit like the government just now; he is depressed to wake up every morning and find it's still there. Cobs aren't very political but will be glad when it's warmer and some spring grass comes.


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