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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


A difficult day. My sheath remained swollen overnight. Dad bathed it this morning and was only able to consult the vet on the telephone this afternoon. I came in from the field even more uncomfortable and kicked my self several times rapidly in succession, again cutting my sheath and drawing blood. Dad bathed the area in warm water and applied some ointment. My dosage of Danilon was increased in an effort to bring the inflammation down and I had a sachet of antibiotics in breakfast and tea. Dad was concerned that I didn't eat my tea at first - owing to the taste of the various drugs. Fortunately, I did eat it later and the drugs may have a chance to work. Dad will check me early tomorrow and consult the vet immediately if there is no improvement. With Dibby stiff and uncomfortable and me bleeding from my own kicks, Dad is worried. No sage generalisation about cobs springs to mind tonight: contrary to expectations, cobs don't always have a homely truism for every day.


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