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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Holiday Monday

Another fine spring day. Other Dad came down early and made sure our haynets were full. Dibby ate all of his quickly, but I wanted to watch what was going on. Dad came down mid-morning and tacked me up - back in my pelham again.

After warming up in the school, Auntie Sue - my friend Syd's mum - came to ride me. She didn't wear a hat, which - despite being a very reliable cob - worries me. Anyway , it was alright and we didn't have any mishaps. She did walk and trot and was gentle, so that was alright. When she got off, I heard her say to Dad that I was much softer and more flexible than before....which I think is good.

Actually, from my point of view, the conversation went "Yada..yada..yada..David..yada..softer and more round..yada...flexible..yada..David...cobby sort...yada..David...minties", so you have to admit I didn't do too badly in understanding really.

After Auntie Sue rode, Dad remounted and "put me through my paces" including a very jolly gallop down the long side. We then did some quiet work for a little while and went in for an apple and mints.

I was then put out in the field with Cricket and Leo until Dibby came back from his hack. Leo was out without a rug which looked comfortable in the sunshine. Dibbs and I look forward to going out without a rug soon.


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