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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Work and play

Saturday morning dawned bright, warm and reasonably dry. Other Dad gave us some haylage to keep us going until schooling time at 11.00. It's different haylage and so they have to be careful not to give us too much initially.

To school today I wore my dressage saddle and hanging cheek snaffle again. I took quite a while to warm up, but eventually we did some reasonable walk and trot. We practiced leg yield and shoulder-in on both reins and went up into canter.

Towards the end of the session we ran through Prelim 1 which has some canter and Dad was quite pleased -although I'm still never consistently soft and round. We also practiced walk on a log rein and experimented to see if I could balance on a long rein in rising trot. I could when we grew used to it

Once inside Dad washed me down, dried me off and put fly spray on. He also put me in my blue fly fringe. Dibby has a red and white one and looked just like a rasta.

We stayed out for the afternoon - whilst Dad prepared our stables and then went home to watch some of the Badmintion Cross Country on TV. It rained intermittently, but we weren't cold. Dad and Other Dad then came back, brought us in, groomed us and put us to bed without rugs. Later Other Dad thought it was a little less warm and came back after 7.00 and put our rugs back on. We cobs are quite hardy, but we have just been clipped.


Blogger * fayexoxo (= said...

heya =) um i came to your site somehow =S ^^ -thumsup- i like your blog :) hehe anyways jst erm .. random commenting ? tayk care alwaiis =)

3:04 AM  
Blogger Colonel Moseley said...

Glad you liked it. Soon there will be some stuff on David and the reiki lady / horse whisperer, which may be interesting.Remember a cob is not just for Christmas!

6:11 PM  

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