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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Our record: three bits in one day

A brighter and warmer start to the day. Other Dad came early and filled up our hay nets. Dad came down at about 10.30 and tacked me up to go in the school.

After yesterday, he had swapped over bridles, but we still used a snaffle in readiness for the walk and trot test at Solihull tomorrow. This was put on the bridle I usually wear with my pelham with thicker leather. We warmed up in walk and trot on both reins and ran through the Solihull walk and trot test. Dad wasn't very pleased, for despite putting his leg on and trying all the usual things - such as leg yield, shoulder-in and various transitions - I still wouldn't soften. Nor would I soften when he took a hold and let me pull against his hand.

Instead of enduring this stalemate we went in, but rather than just putting me out to graze, Dad changed my bit from a pinchless snaffle to a straight bar snaffle and we went out and started over. I could tell Dad still wasn't too pleased with the change, but he had to admit that it was better than our first attempt. He then brought me in and after washing me down put me out to graze in the sunshine without a rug but with plenty of fly spray since the litle devils have started now. He muttered something about the fat lady not having sung yet, so we shall have to see what happens later.

After he had prepared both stables and been home, Dad came back and Dibbs and I came in. Instead of just going in my stable, I was tacked up again and put in yet another different snaffle. This time it was a drop-cheek snaffle, but on my soft elevator bridle. We went in the school and warmed up in walk and trot and then ran gently through the test. Dad said I seemed more comfortable and that this was much better; after a short session, we came in. I was groomed, put in my rug and given my tea and an apple. I know Dad is concerned as to how I will go tomorrow on my own in the whole of the Solihull arena in just a snaffle without brakes. I guess today wasn't the best of preparations. I've heard of people being rude and calling someone a "two bit" something or other; I wonder what "three bit" means. We cobs are full of questions.


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