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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rugs back on

This May had been strange so far with brilliant sunshine followed by torrential rain and back again. Dad took me in the school in my pelham this morning. At times it was blowing a gale but sunny and then came the rain. Anyway, we fitted in 40 minutes of reasonable work in walk, trot and canter with some leg yield and shoulder-in. Dad said my medium trot wasn't very medium today and that he found me a little resistant at times. He said he would see how I went in my double for our lesson tomorrow.

Other Dad also schooled Dibby later - until the rain intervened and they put us out in our rugs whilst they attended to the stables. We turned our bottoms to the wind and rain and just carried on eating - Leo,Cricket, Dibby and me all in a row. We came in about 4.30. When we saw both Dads at the gate we cantered over-which always plays well; some cobs have a very well-developed sense of theatre.


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