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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another early start

The day began with yet another early start. Although overcast, it was still very warm and Both Dads came to ride at 6.45. I wore my snaffle again and we worked mainly in walk to increase roundness. We went up to trot at the end of the session when going around the school with Dibbs.

After breakfast we went out to graze whilst Dad put up our beds.

Dad left usout for most of the afternoon. When he came back at 3.00 we ate a mint or two but didn't signal that we wanted to come in immediately, so he left us and put down our beds. He brought us in after and Both Dads groomed us and gave us tea. Other Dad came down later in the evening to check our water and haylage. This warm weather is a bit of a trial, but cobs are strong on endurance.


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