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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hottest so far

The forcast for today was 35 degrees C, so both Dads turned up at 6.50. They gave us a small breakfast and tacked us up. We were in the school by 7.00. It was sunny, but still quite cool. Mary and Breeze were already being ridden when we arrived.

I wore my snaffle . We did a lot of walk with some lateral work and halt transitions. We moved up to trot and canter. My canter transition was still poor and Dad tried various measures to improve it.

We came in and were hosed down and put out to graze. I wore my fly rug and fringe.

Dad was concerned about the heat which had risen to 35 degrees C and came back at 12.30 to bring us in. By that time I was standing by the gate. We watched him put our beds down and top up our haylage and water and were glad to be in the cool for the afternoon.

Both Dads returned at 5.00 to skip out our stables, top up water and haylage and give us our tea. Other Dad also saw we were Ok at 8.00. and skipped out again. We did have a lot of attention, today but are grateful. Cobs are capable of appreciation.


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