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Monday, July 17, 2006

Funny sunny Monday

Both Dads turned up before 9.00 this morning, expecting Rob, the vet to call on the hour to give Dibbs the third of his intraveinous injections to help his joints. They put me out to graze in my fly rug and fringe and waited until 10.00 with Dibbs. On checking with the practice they found the vet would come tomorrow instead and so Dibbs was put out to join me whilst they got on with our stables and went home.

By 12.30 we were very troubled by the heat and flies and so the yard rang Dad to come back and bring us in early. He did that and then hosed us both down and put us in the cool of our stables with full haylage nets.

He returned at 4.00 to prepare me for a group lesson with Liz from Moreton Morrell. We were in the first group with Bonnie, Tom, Leo, Little Bailey and Vadio. We worked in walk and trot on both reins and then cantered large and finished with some lateral work. Dad found me a little reluctant to go up into canter again and not as soft and round as he wished. I wore my pelham today and we will practice over the next few days in a snaffle too.

When we went in, I was hosed down yet again and after cooling down for an hour -whilst Dad brushed and rolled my exercise bandages- we were given tea. A demanding and uncomfortable day. Some may like it hot; cobs don't.


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