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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hiding from the sun

Another early-ish start to the day. Both Dads came before 9.00 to see Rob, the vet with Dibbs. Rob came shorty after 9.00 and gave Dibbs his third injection. He looked at him trotted up and thought he seemed better. He now wants Other Dad to do some more schooling including circles to check on his progress. Dad now has the task of submitting the vets and remedial shoeing bills to the insureres - so fingers crossed.

We were put out to graze whilst Dad attended to the stables and Other Dad took one of the cars to have a nail removed and a new tyre fitted. What an expensive week.

When Dad had gone home for an hour, Dibbs and I decided we had had enough of the heat and flies and stood by the gate. The yard telephoned Dad and he came back and brought us in. He hosed us down and put us in our stable in the cool for the afternoon.

He came back at 4.45. It was still too hot to school so he skipped out, topped up our water and haylage and gave us tea. He will try to come and ride in the very early morning tomorrow which promises to be even hotter. There's a saying amongst cobs:"If you can't stand the heat and/or horse flies (delete as appropriate), get out of the field". It may need a bit of work.


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