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Friday, August 11, 2006

David and Goliath

Normal Friday routine resumed this week. We were put out to graze by Other Dad before 9.00 and Dad dealt with our stables. He returned and brought us in at 2.30 in readiness for my lesson at 3.30.

I wore my snaffle and Dad warmed me up for half an hour or so. In the lesson with Teacher Steve we ran through Prelim 1 three times and were instructed on it. We concentrated on slowing down a lot and preparing for movements in advance. Dad was to avoid falling in by keeping a firm outside rein and not to place too much emphasis on going round and soft. We worked on the turns across the diagonal -making them smoother and not going too fast or on the forehand. We are to change diagonal at the end of the diagonal we have crossed and to have a clear canter aid and not to rush it. We will have to see how it works.

Dibbs also ran through his test and we came in to be shampooed,groomed and given tea. We have an early time for our test tomorrow at 9.11 and Dad hopes to warm up by 8.30. Teacher Steve said there wasn't too much point in warming me up too long and Liz said we should walk through the canter elements of the test, so it's not been an altogether encouraging week although we enjoyed the group and solo lessons. We will just have to try hard tomorrow since all the other competitors seem to be more advanced than us. Against all those accomplished horses its a cob version of David and Goliath.


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