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Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Group Lesson

A warm and sunny start to the week. We were put out to graze early and Dad dealt with our stables in the morning.

We came in at 4.00 to be groomed. Other Dad washed Dibb's tail and Dad put on my black exercise bandages. Liz came from Moreton Morrell to teach the first group lesson at 5.30. I was in my double bridle by then but Liz suggested we try my snaffle - which we did. Our group also included Tod, Vladio, Meg, Dibby and Tom. We did lots of work in walk concentrating on turning and then turns on the forehand. We did lots of softening and then the group cantered but Liz made us do it on our own at the end.

Even though it was hard to get me to soften and go round consistently we enjoyed it more than the last group lesson in greater heat. We may have a go at a private lesson next time. We did seem to get a lot of instruction given our problems, but this doesn't always go down too well in a group. We were still trying to canter when the next group were being ushered into the school.

Liz did say there wasn't much point in working in a double or snaffle and, despite the struggle at times, I think Dad agrees.

We came in and Dibbs and I were hosed down and dried. After a rest, we were given tea and Dad sat outside my stable as he brushed and rolled my bandages. I don't think we excelled today, but Dad seemed reasonably pleased. Cobs can be relied on to enjoy group lessons - or at least to behave well.


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